Google search (google.com) is the most visited website in the world. Some of its features include a link that provides a result in images to words or phrases entered in the search engine.
This search engine collects more than 30 million of millions of webs, manages around 100 million gigabytes, receives about 100,000 million of monthly searches and is constantly growing.
A gesture as simple as entering several keywords carries within it a complex mechanism that consists of a searching algorithm that has been improved over the time. The algorithm orders pages based on contents and other factors through a series of mathematical formulas that offer “the best possible result”. These algorithms put the search engine to work to translate what the user wants to find.


Choose a classmate and start a conversation by replacing words with images.
Enter a text in the Google image search engine and send your partner a screenshot of the results that the website proposes, hiding the text. This will establish a visual communication interpreted by the search result of the Google algorithm.


This exercise aims to establish a communication between two people using Google Images tool. During the development of the exercise the possible malfunctions or successes of the Google algorithm when representing an idea or feeling will be highlighted.
The results in the form of images provided by Google will create a poetic conversation, where the message is diluted, and the participants must activate their imagination. Thus, they depend on the interlocutor’s interpretation as well as on the one made by Google algorithms.